You know the world of English is a fun and exciting place to be. I am so glad you could join me for another lesson. Ladies and gentlemen…put your hands together for …Crazy …Misterduncan

Hi! Good evening! Wow..so many people..

A man goes to see his Doctor..

He says…

Doctor Doctor, I feel like a pair of curtains

and the Doctor replies…

Oh pull yourself together!

Do you like shopping..Do you?

How come whenever I go to the Supermarket

I always end up with the shopping trolley that has the bad wheel?

I want to go this way…

and my Shopping Trolley wants to go…This way!

Yeah? It is funny!

It is funny isn’t it?

Because it is true!

A man goes to see his Doctor

He says…Doctor Doctor

people keep ignoring me

And the Doctor replies…

next please!

Ok…you’ve been a great Audience

Thank you very much


Hi everybody

this is Misterduncan in England

How are you today?

Are you ok? … I hope so!

Are you happy? …I hope so!

In this lesson, we will take an in-depth look at the often amusing but sometimes offensive world of jokes and humour.

There are many words relating to jokes and humour.

Such as…











A person who tells jokes or acts in a funny way is called a comedian or a comedy actor.

The title given to a woman who tells jokes is a comedienne .

Another word that can be used instead of joke is : Gag

Normally the most humorous part of a joke comes at the end and is normally called

The Punchline



If a person stands on a stage and tells their jokes to an audience it is called Stand Up comedy because the person telling the jokes is standing up!

If a group of people are performing a short funny play with a humorous story then this is called a Sketch. If someone is making a joke about a famous person  or a well known organization such as the Government then this is called




Sending Up

There are many types of jokes around.

For example

Bad Joke : A joke that is not funny.

Corny Joke: A joke with an obvious ending.

Sick Joke: A joke that is offensive. It hurts another person, or make fun of a certain disease or disability.

Blue Joke: A joke that contains swearing or sex.

Racist Joke: A joke that is making fun of someone because of their colour or race.

Homophobic Joke: A joke which offends gay people.

Besides telling a joke verbally

You can also use actions as a way of being funny.

Without saying a word.  We call this a Sight Gag or Visual Comedy.

Oooh..I can see right into your house.

It is interesting to note

There are more negative ways to describe a joke, than positive ones.

If we like a joke, then we will simply say

That it is A Good one or A funny one or A great one

Look at my dry Elbow.

Of course it is true to say that a joke which may be funny to one person could actually be offensive or not funny to another.

Each one of us has a slightly different feeling when we hear a joke.

It is called our Sense Of Humour

Some people will laugh at anything while others will hardly ever laugh at all.

It is yet another fascinating piece of the Human emotion puzzle.

Do you have a sense of humour?

What makes you laugh?

Do you know any good jokes?

Well it is time for me to sign off from another lesson.

You have been a really great audience.





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