Fordítás angolról magyarra


1) How long have you been waiting for a higher standard

of living?

2) How long has he been trying to get it back?

3) Since when have they been planning to get married?

4) I have been married for 6 years.

5) I have been in love with you since we first met.

6) She has been happy for 5 minutes.

7) She has been a teacher since 1896.

8) He has been a soldier for 27 years.

9) How long are you staying in Budapest?

10) How long have you been staying in Budapest?

11) I’ve been thinking of you since summer.

12) I’ve been working for three weeks.

13) She’s been keeping a diary since she was fourteen.

14) He has been sleeping since noon.

15) The phone has been ringing for five minutes.

16) He has been snoring since his tonsils were removed.

17) How long have you been teaching?

18) He’s been whining for two days.

19) He has been smoking since last year.

20) She’s been eating that fish for hours.

21) He has been travelling in a car since he became a


22) I’ve been thinking of mum for a week.

23) The lonely swans have been floating in the bay since


24) How long has Joe been dating Géza?

25) I've been thinking of Mum for a week now.

26) They had been living together for less than half a year

when they got divorced.

27) Since she got married, she's been behaving rather


28) I've been missing you all day.

29) Oh, my God, you've been drinking a lot! Easy, mum, I

haven't drunk more than Joe, mind you, he started it

yesterday and hasn't finished it yet.

30) She's been wearing that shabby pair if jeans for three


31) I've been dreaming about you since I saw you under

the bushes.

32) Since he arrived in town, he has been living in the

ritziest hotel.

33) So now she's been dancing for three days.

34) I've been living in the Hotel California for a week.

35) Ha has been reading that short article for an hour


36) I have opened the window.

37) He has given her a kiss.

38) He has broken his leg he can’t come with me to the


39) I have already been to Tótkomlós.

40) I’ve already slept on a horse blanket.

41) I haven’t been to Tótkomlós yet.

42) I’ve never slept on a horse blanket.

43) Have you ever been to Tótkomlós?

44) Have you slept on a horse blanket yet?

45) I’ve just been to Tótkomlós.

46) I’ve just sleep on a horse blanket.

47) I’ve been to Tótkomlós this morning.

48) I’ve slept on a horse blanket this week.

49) I have learnt it now.

50) I have already learnt it.

51) I haven’t learnt it yet.

52) I still haven’t asked him.

53) She has just left home.

54) We have been very happy until recently.

55) I haven’t seen anything like that.

56) Haven’t we met somewhere before?

57) Have you apologized to him yet?

58) I’ve already read it.

59) You’ve put a bit weight on, haven’t you?

60) He’s already popped the question, but he hasn’t

married yet.

61) I’ve never been so scared.

62) He hasn’t yet answered. (He still hasn’t answered.)

63) Have you gone to sleep yet?

64) She’s just hidden it.

65) I haven't eaten such good blood pudding for years.

66) I haven't forgotten the night in September when I first

saw you in the shade of the haybale.

67) They've been friends for ten years.

68) I'll tell you when I've finished.

69) Have you received the money yet?

70) They arrived at two we haven't seen them ever since.

71) Have you coated all the meat with breadcrumbs?

72) Haven't we met somewhere before?

73) I've never had such a headache.

74) Have you ever seen a brown man naked?

75) Have you yet eaten what I cooked yesterday?

76) She has taken off her shoes and coat, she's undoing her

louse right now, but she hasn't unclipped her earrings


77) I've already told you not to suck your finger!

78) Have you repaired the tap yet?

79) I've run out of cigarettes.

80) Have you finished yet?

81) Haven't I mentioned to you the case when I

accidentally took the wrong bus?

82) I haven't told you about the days when we were

walking hand in hand on Dózsa György road on May

Day, have I?

83) He has blown up the balloon and now it's as big as a


84) I've finished it now.

85) Have you sprinkled your wife? No, I haven't, but I've

already sprinkled my girlfriend. I went to her place

yesterday and I got a red egg from her. I haven't got a

red from my wife yet, but she has already produced

the rolling pin. She hasn't yet hit me on the head but

I'm scared because last year she hit me on the head so

hard that the lump hasn't gone down from my head


86) I've drunk some coke and now I'm hiccuping.

87) Have you rung the bell, Tasziló?

88) I've already traveled on the roller coaster but I haven't

been to the haunted castle.

89) He has drunk a glass of vodka and now he's

zigzagging in the street.

90) I've never been so lucky.

91) I have never ever traveled on the ghost train, I have

never ever seen the large dragon.

92) Have you ever seen a bear in raspberries?

93) We have solved a lot of problems.

94) I've never been with a man before.


95) I've been nervous lots of times.

96) Me and Joe have had a bust up.

97) Have you read it yet?

98) When you've read it, please give it to me.

99) When she has finished, she'll have been dancing for

six days altogether.

100) Our living standard has improved greatly, hasn't it?

How stupid can you get!

101) He is watching TV now.

102) Is she sitting or standing?

103) He usually gets up at 7, but this week he is getting up

at 8.

104) She generally drinks Campari, but this evening she is

drinking “kevert”.

105) He is always listening to that stupid disco record!

106) You are always telling me lies!

107) Now I know.

108) Oh, now I remember.

109) I am going to the theatre tomorrow night.

110) What are you doing?

111) Where are you going?

112) Are you kidding?

113) The yellow leaves are falling.

114) I’m eating an apple.

115) I’m sitting in a pink bathtub.

116) I’m going to market tomorrow.

117) He is always slamming the door.

118) I am crying.

119) I am writing.

120) I’m not writing or reading.

121) I’m thinking.

122) I’m waiting for the bus.

123) The phone’s ringing.

124) He’s cracking up.

125) Kate is coming round tomorrow.

126) They’re always arguing.

127) The sky is closing its blue eyes.

128) The coat is sleeping on the chair.

129) Hey, what are you doing here?

130) I'm going to get married this spring.

131) Time is sitting on my neck.

132) She is not used to going to the market by bus.

133) I'm going to drink this beer now.

134) She's not sleeping right now.

135) Where are you going bunny?

136) The GI is trudging with a mouthpiece in his mouth.

137) Daddy, what's the dog doing by the tree?

138) He is always reading a paper during breakfast.

139) Hey, you are coughing a lot. I hope you haven't caught

a cold.

140) The train is rattling along between mountains and


141) The chain is rattling! What? The chain is rattling! I

can't hear you 'cause the chain is rattling.

142) What are you frying little furrier? Are you frying salty

meat, furrier?

143) The baker is frying, the baker is frying hotchpotch


144) The woodworm is ticking away.

145) He is always slamming the door.

146) A black cat is sitting on the rack.

147) You're going to pay for this.

148) The yellow leaves are falling.

149) Where's the party gonna be this weekend?

150) Which one is snoring?

151) I'm having to here with your business problems.

152) He's doing some deal in London now.

153) You're boring me stiff.

154) He's reading right now.

155) I'm going to read it.

156) We often go to the cinema.

157) Animals never kill each other for money.

158) She usually goes to bed at midnight.

159) The sun rises in the East.

160) I love you.

161) I hate rain.

162) Here comes the sun. (Beatles)

163) There goes our dream.

164) I know you.

165) I want to break free.

166) Do you understand?

167) I remember everything.

168) I think you are right.

169) I hope you see through the book.

170) I mean I’m busy on Friday.

171) I believe you buy and sell clothes.

172) I think about you night and day.

173) I usually get up early.

174) Sometimes she sleeps until eight.

175) Do you like me?

176) I don’t like the soup.

177) She never helps me.

178) The sun rises every day.

179) I usually go running but I never go swimming.

180) I never play golf.

181) She paints every evening.

182) I hate mutton.

183) She seldom cries but often laughs.

184) I hope you are fine.

185) Here he comes.

186) I love you.

187) How many times a day do you clean your teeth?

188) Józsi bácsi doesn't work here anymore.

189) Piglet goes to see Winnie-the-Pooh every day.

190) Where do you live?

191) Who do you support?

192) I always take a shower in the evening because in the

morning I'm in a hurry.

193) Do you like honey?

194) Tell me, do you still love me?

195) Do you understand?

196) I think I understand.

197) What day is today?

198) You hold every card.

199) You always say I'm too reserved.

200) He never reads.

201) Sometimes he reads.

202) He has dinner in a restaurant every evening.

203) When I woke up, the train had been going for ten


204) When I got to the corner, the girl had been waiting for

twenty minutes.

205) He had been typing for ten minutes when he saw there

was no sheet in the typewriter.

206) When he woke up, the cock had been crowing for half

an hour.

207) They had only been eating for five minutes when more

guests arrived.


208) The dog had been barking for an hour when at least he

went out.

209) She had been easily carving up the chicken when she

realized there was no lard at home.

210) He had been sitting at the fox-hole for hours when at

least a hare/rabbit/bunny showed up.

211) She had been driving in the traffic for less than 10

minutes when the examiner asked her to change seats.

212) He had been ringing the bell for three hours when the

caretaker looked out at last.

213) She had been talking for two hours when she realized

there was nobody in the room.

214) He had been riding high before he had a fall.

215) Yesterday she had been dancing for two days.

216) He had been reading and reading when he saw it was

upside down.

217) By the he got to the station, the train had already left.

218) When I realized she was a swindler, she had already

broken my heart.

219) I was angry with him because he had forgotten to post

the letter.

220) By the time the hunter had loaded his gun, the hare

had already run away.

221) Before she run away she had put a carrot into the

muzzle of the rifle.

222) CCR (Cottage Cheese Rudolph) had gone sour long

before he brought himself to eat it.

223) After he had eaten it, he got sick.

224) Until the very last summer Mehemed hadn’t even seen

a cow.

225) He droned on about horses he had known when he was

an ostler.

226) She went mad when she saw I hadn’t brought bread.

227) My hair had turned grey by the time I wrote this.

228) He had chewed it well before he spat it out.

229) He hadn't seen a thing until he put on his glasses.

230) She had gone to bed early, so she got home by eight.

231) The sun had set by the time you read it.

232) I was singing a song when the children broke the


233) He was repairing the electricity when a short circuit

killed him.

234) We were eating pumpkin pie when he casually said…

235) Were you sleeping during the show?

236) While he was playing golf, he was biting his lips.

237) At seven-thirty he was not watching the news but he

was bathing his son.

238) T.M. was holding the hay shaft for a long time.

239) On the way they were talking about girls.

240) She was queuing for potatoes when she saw the one

with cauliflower ears.

241) She was scratching his back during the whole film.

242) He was watching the tale even at midnight.

243) Whlie Rabbit was explaining, Winnie-the-Pooh was

thinking of honey, Piglet was staring at ground, and

Owl was tearing his hair.

244) All my way home I was wondering…

245) While the girls were chatting, the boys were working

in the colliery.

246) I was sitting on the lower stone of the quay watching

the melon rind foating.

247) Was it pouring when you got off the bus?

248) He was mumbling all evening.

249) I was walking in the street when the accident


250) She was staring into space when out of a sudden she

caught sight of Aliosha.

251) The bartender was putting out the lights, the girl was

standing by the clothes tree, when a young cop entered

the back door.

252) At the far side of the barn cows were sleeping on


253) So, you were shaving, you slipped and cut your nose

off. Then you dropped the razor and cut your off. The

doctor made a mistake and he sewed your toe onto

your face and your nose onto your foot, and now you

complain that every time you sneeze you blow your

shoe off.

254) One of them was holding the book, the other one was


255) Who went to see the doctor?

256) Which doctor bought a Rolls Royce?

257) What blew up?

258) When did you last see her?

259) Yesterday she came home late again.

260) He joined the party in 1950.

261) A year ago he was still a cab driver.

262) He got a hamster for his birthday.

263) Who killed Norma Jane?

264) First he went to Csorvás, then to Kardoskút.

265) Did you also grow up in the provinces.

266) I pickeled this beetroot in June.

267) I never went to school.

268) Up he rose and donn’d his clothes,

269) Dopp’d the chamber door,

270) Let in the maid, that out a maid

271) Never departed more. (Shakespeare)

272) He looked at the girl, winked at her, waved good bye

and stepped into the lift shaft.

273) He entered the room. But he had taken a shower


274) When I was a little boy I used to go and see girls in the

bath of the workers' hostel every day.

275) This one went hunting, this one shot it, this one took it

home, this one fried it and this teeny weenie one ate it.

276) When she saw the mouse she jumped on a chair.

277) Where were you born?

278) Lenin lived, Lenin lives, Lenin will live.

279) Luckely enough, I didn't have a headache yesterday.

280) By the time he found the nut, the bolt had disappeared.

281) He drank the milk, ate the cocoa snail, thanked for the

breakfast and went into his room.

282) We met at the National Theatre at seven.

283) It was a summer night, there was a lark singing in the

tree and a gypsy roaming about.

284) He was afraid he had awaked someone with his shout.

285) She kissed me in a way I had never been kissed before.

286) Little Red Riding Hood put the basket on her arm that

her grandma had woven.

287) I met with difficulties I had never met before.

288) The referee used his fingers to whistle, because he had

forgotten to take his whistle.

289) It broke down yesterday.

290) You didn't read it yesterday.

291) Next he’ll have been working in Tengiz for four years.

292) In ten minutes he will have been eating his elevenses

for ten minutes.


293) In an hour she will have been doing the rooms for half

an hour.

294) When the sun sets she will have been lying in the sun

for a day.

295) When the sun rises he will have been sleeping for half

a day.

296) This time next year he will have been building his

house for 2 years.

297) Tomorrow the tap will have been dripping for a year.

298) One more minute and you’ll have been yelling here for

half an hour.

299) On the last Sunday of the month he’ll have been

looking for himself for a year.

300) At three tomorrow? No, then he'll be sitting at the

dentist's. At five? No, at that time he'll be having a

cold compress on his tooth. You mean at seven? No,

he'll be sleeping then. You mean at seven yesterday?

No, he was ironing then. At seven the day before

yesterday? He was washing then. You mean now?

Now, he is sitting next to me and tittering.

301) On Sunday she'll have been dancing for three days.

302) On Tuesday he'll have been reading it for a week.

303) All the fruit will have been delivered to the market by

4 next morning.

304) The plan will have landed by 6 tomorrow.

305) By the time you light a new candle, the other ones will

have burnt down.

306) I’ll have written it by this afternoon.

307) By the time you count up to three, I’ll have done it.

308) By the time we get old, we’ll have saved up enough

money to buy a flat.

309) By the time you wake up, I’ll have washed up all the


310) By the end of September the flowers in the garden will

have blossomed.

311) He will have soled my shoes by tomorrow afternoon.

312) I’ll have typed it by eleven.

313) Next year I'll have been married for 15 years.

314) Will you have done it by the time I return?

315) Tomorrow they'll have been on strike for a week.

316) By the time you get to the end, you'll have forgotten

the beginning.

317) By the time the meat fries, the chips will have got


318) Tomorrow he won't have washed his feet for a week.

319) He will have forgotten the first part by the time he

reads it.

320) It has just been on the news that it will be raining all

next week.

321) I’ll be watching TV while ironong.

322) I’ll be ironing while watching TV.

323) While I’m ironing, Mari néni will be sewing a patch

on my jeans.

324) At 10 tomorrow night she’ll be flying over our house.

325) This time next year she will be pushing her baby


326) This time next year she will be pushing the baby

carriage on Erzsébet boulevard and not on Lenin


327) They’ll be rehearsing all afternoon.

328) Knock when you come, because I’ll be developing the


329) According to the plans the chorus will be singing the

refrain when the Mayor enters.

330) I bet he'll be reading even when black kids are falling

from the sky.

331) I’ll wash it tomorrow.

332) Will you go to the party tomorrow?

333) Will you have a drink with me?

334) We’ll have a drink at Pista’s place.

335) At the weekend we won’t go to Nagyszakácsi.

336) When will it end?

337) You’ll end up cracking.

338) How will you come out of the cage?

339) I’m going to punch him.

340) If he is smaller than me, I’ll punch him.

341) You’ll be a fireman or a soldier.

342) I’m going to be a fireman.

343) Are you going to drink it?

344) Will you drink some milk?

345) I’m going to miss you.

346) Yes, I think, I’ll miss you, too.

347) I’ll marry you next year.

348) I’m not going to marry you.

349) Aigner Szilárd has just said it will rain.

350) There is big fat cloud, it’s going to rain.

351) Hey, he’s going to take off his shoes.

352) I’ll take off my shoes in the kitchen.

353) I'll give it back as soon as possible.

354) Where will you work?

355) Not a tear will be shed for him.

356) Eleven tomorrow will do?

357) When will you be back?

358) It won't help knowing.

359) I'll walk the dog.

360) Are you sure he will read it?

361) The letter has been addressed to me.

362) He was buried alive.

363) Nothing has been said about it so far.

364) The table was beinnd laid when the plate fell down.

365) The letter had been burnt before it was found.

366) He moved just as the photo was being taken of him.

367) The hall will be emptied.

368) Engels square is being swept.

369) The crop will have been harvested by next fall.

370) Did he fall or was he pushed?

371) The manager has been fired.

372) His tattoo can be seen.

373) It should be repaired.

374) He has been given a punch.

375) It will be given a new name.

376) This book has not been translated into any language


377) Say, have you been invited?

378) A new school is being built in our village.

379) Old Mrs. Danika's daughter is being taken, right now,

in a fancy velvet garment.

380) His latest film is thought to be the best.

381) The ice-cold beer will be served up in no time.

382) The letter was posted last week.

383) Maybe it will be published next year.

384) The new flyover is being pulled down.

385) By the time the police got there, the pictures had been


386) He has been promised a good job.

387) Nowadays much more money is spent on meat than



388) Another ten sentences like this, and I'll surely be taken

to hospital.

389) The boat was lost in the dense fog.

390) You've been told lots of times not to touch it.

391) This house should be built now.

392) Somebody has to be found who is good at it.

393) A lot of people were reported for tax evasion.

394) They should be told not to do this again.

395) It will have to be typed by five tomorrow.

396) Can these books be taken?

397) If only it had been found.

398) Her brand new mink has been valued at 5,000.

399) Two shots were heard.

400) If it hadn't been made in Hong Kong, I wouldn't buy it.

401) The meeting has to be put off.

402) The new aerial is being fixed.

403) Soroksári road is being sprinkled.

404) Have the ashtrays been emptied?

405) Maybe your application will be accepted next year.

406) I've been bought red boots with fringes.

407) How many people will be taken to the States by Soros


408) Unfortunately the autobiography has to be written in


409) The house has been built long before they moved in.

410) 200 people were killed in the plane crash.

411) The causes of the accidents have been concealed so


412) These pullovers couldn't have been washed.

413) Should all this have been translated with no mistakes?

414) All the money was stolen.

415) Only some bijou was left on the dressing table.

416) Some fingerprints were taken but there is not much


417) I wasn't given a penny by the insurance company.

418) All in all I was put out.

419) A Kanga is generally regarded as a fierce animal.

420) In the dark forest of Radvány Bárci Beno was found


421) She was seen climbing through the window, so it

couldn't be kept a secret.

422) You'll be given milk and butter.

423) Did he fall, or was he pushed?

424) She moved her head just as the photo was being taken.

425) I hope it hasn't been stolen.

426) Jani said he was ready.

427) Annuska said she hadn’t told Jani a word.

428) He said he wouldn’t wait any longer.

429) He told me to turn off the radio.

430) He said he hadn’t open the door because he was

cleaning (he had been cleaning) his ears and couldn’t

hear anything.

431) He said if I went to the shop I should bring him some


432) He said he had been at home all day the day before.

433) He has just said that the coffee is ready.

434) She thought she would have to fetch the dress from the

laundry the next day.

435) She thought I forgive her if she was crying.

436) He claimed his orange tree doesn’t grow because it

doesn’t get any sunshine.

437) The caretaker has just said that the Tax Office guys are


438) They thought they were late.

439) My mother said she didn’t liked my hair.

440) I told her to try the green one.

441) She said she was bored.

442) I told you we would have to be there to seven.

443) He said he didn’t like strawberries.

444) I thought you had already have launch.

445) He thought the fence was made of sausages.

446) He said I might come in.

447) He asked what I had in my suitcase.

448) He wanted to know when they would arrive.

449) I didn't know what to put on/what I should put on.

450) I didn't know whether to put on something/if I should

put on something.

451) I didn't know how she could tell.

452) I was wondering what it all meant.

453) He asked why dinner was not ready.

454) The customs officer asked me if I had anything to


455) He wanted to know where I had bought the shoe lace.

456) He asked if I had slept well.

457) I didn't know whether there were any letters for me.

458) I didn't know which coke to ask for, the blond one, or

the brown one.

459) I was wondering whether to go or stay.

460) He said he had have a horse for three years.

461) He said he had a horse.

462) He said he had learnt how to ride for three years.

463) He said he had been learning how to ride for three


464) I didn't know if she would remember me.

465) She asked if I had ever been to Tótkomlós.

466) She suggested I should buy the spotted one.

467) I didn't know how many glasses to put on the table.

468) The boy promised he would marry the girl is she did

what he asked her to do.

469) She asked me several times if I understood what she

was saying.

470) He thought it was a locust.

471) I knew he was lying.

472) He said he was writing to his mother-in-law.

473) She told me to take an umbrella in case it rained.

474) He said he had to go home.

475) I had no idea what to do.

476) I had no idea whether to do anything at all.

477) I immediately saw she wouldn't milk.

478) You said you didn't care.

479) I thought you had told me everything.

480) She told me not to do anything, she would arrange


481) I don't know how to cure my sniffle.

482) I don't know whether you still believe it.

483) I didn't know whether I was coming or going.

484) I wonder where she has hidden it.

485) She didn't know where she had hidden it.

486) She didn't know if she had hidden it at all.

487) She didn't know if she should hide it.

488) I wonder why he did it.

489) I wonder if she has lost it.

490) I don't know if we'll have time.

491) I don't know what the soldier on guard has in mind.

492) I don't know if you'll give me room beside you.

493) I don't know whether to put on a coat.

494) She said she couldn't see anything.

495) He asked whether he should take off his pants.


496) He thought he heard wrong.

497) He was wondering whether to buy half a hog.

498) Grandmother thought it was Little Red Riding Hood.

499) I ran up to see if the child was sleeping.

500) Have I told you I'm going to get married?

501) You said you didn't want to get married at any cost.

502) I knew it was him.

503) I didn't know it would be so painful.

504) He thought there was no more.

505) You said you would come by nine.

506) She said she had only ten minutes left because she

would have to be in the office at noon.

507) I didn't know why she was hiding her face.

508) He thought it was not a flea but an elephant.

509) Did you know what she was driving at?

510) I've told you to shut up!

511) Did she say she had joined?

512) No, she said she had left.

513) She said hardly had she joined when she had left.

514) I wonder when it will end.

515) I wonder whether it will ever end.

516) He thought there was no current in it.

517) Tell the milkman to bring no more cheese.

518) He said she singing all night.

519) She said she would eat if she was hungry.

520) She said she would come as soon as she was ready.

521) I had no idea how old she could be.

522) Pooh said he thought Rabbit had been talking about

his family.

523) Johnny Corn said his name was a bit peasant-like, but

he wasn't ashamed of it.

524) She said I had better not watch it.

525) The doctor said she would have to stay in bed for

another day or two.

526) He suggested trying it again.

527) I said it was no use trying it again.

528) I had/got my hair cut.

529) I will have/get my hair dyed violet.

530) I must have/get my record-player repaired.

531) I had/got some butter brought from the shop.

532) Did you have/get your skirt shortened?

533) Do you have your car washed every day?

534) I didn’t have/get beer brought yesterday.

535) He got the maison to build a house.

536) He had the rookies wash the corridor.

537) He’ll make Béla pay for the damage.

538) He couldn’t make his voice heard.

539) He made his influence felt.

540) He can make himself noticed.

541) I will let you know the news.

542) What make you think that?

543) It makes you look so pretty.

544) The sight of blood made her faint.

545) He forced her to join the police force.

546) What caused him to do it?

547) He had it coming.

548) She’ll have me arriving at Kennedy at 2:00 tomorrow.

549) Would you make him repeat it?

550) He gets a black boy to clean his shoes.

551) Have it typed.

552) How many photos have you had taken?

553) When will you have the knives sharpened?

554) He had his neighbour bring cigarettes.

555) He had a blind piano tuner tune the piano.

556) I’m having it copied right now.

557) He got the barber to take out his tooth.

558) He made the cat eat the párizsi.

559) The cheerful corporal had the corridor washed with a


560) I had lowers sent to her nameday.

561) I'll get red slate put on the roof of my house.

562) That lot of plums made me run.

563) Don't make him smell Technocol Rapid, but smelling


564) Say, who did you get to install heating?

565) She is always making me translate her stupid


566) They got that unfortunate guy to suck.

567) I had the half axle and the air filter replaced.

568) She wants to get a mirror fixed onto the ceiling of the

bedroom at any cost.

569) She is always making me write her love letters.

570) Why didn't you get the electrician to connect up your

washing machine?

571) What makes you think we still have time?

572) Do you also get a gardener to look after your garden?

573) They made me eat half a hog for dinner.

574) She has had a policeman explain the right way.

575) Have it straightened if it's crooked.

576) I must get my hair cut.

577) I made him believe that everything was alright.

578) He's got to get the milk delivered from far away.

579) I had a portrait made of my wife.

580) Alex Rose is getting his horse to jump.

581) I'll have the Lord Mayor hanged.

582) I've made him pick up every scrap he's thrown.

583) My terrible poverty made me start stealing.

584) My terrible excitement made me sart stammering.

585) I won't have it taken even if you don't marry me.

586) I hope you don't want to make me believe I was the

first for you!

587) Who can get you to do it?

588) Don't you think it's a horrible thing to have your pets


589) Why don't you have that shoddy tape recorder


590) I couldn't make him forget what his mother-in-law had

told him.

591) Even his tenth wife was unable to make him forget the

first one.

592) With some crying I can make him do anything I want.

593) Why don't you have it cut if it's too long?

594) I've had her produce everything she's hidden.

595) How many times have you had your house rebuilt?

596) Get him to drink it all.

597) Get her to confess where, with whom, and how many


598) That foolish teacher is always making us translate such

stupid sentences.

599) If you love me, you will come to my place in the


600) If you loved me, you will come to my place in the


601) If you had loved me, you would have come to my

place in the afternoon.

602) If you had worked harder, you would get more money



603) If you had given up smoking, you wouldn’t have been

taking to hospital.

604) Milk goes sour if you leave it outside for some days.

605) Flowers die if you do not water them.

606) I always help her if she asks me to.

607) If I were you,...

608) I won’t give her money unless she really needs it.

609) If you would lend me your car, I would go to


610) If you would be so kind as to help me, I would finish it


611) If you should meet my friend, tell him I want to see


612) If it weren’t for the bad car, we would get it there in


613) If it weren’t for a few vegetables they grew, they

would surely have starved.

614) If you can come in the afternoon, we can go to the

Fradi's match.

615) Take your coat in case it rains.

616) I’ll cook plenty of soap just in case they decide to stay

for dinner.

617) I’ll go provided you go, too.

618) Provided there is no opposition, we’ll hold the meeting


619) The two poor chaps would go ploughing if they had


620) If you give me a tissue paper, I’ll wipe my nose.

621) If the dog hadn’t woken us, we wouldn’t have heard

the burglars.

622) Were it not for the Nips being so good at building

ships, Poland would be on the top.

623) Would you change her for two 16-year old chicks if

you were younger?

624) I would have counted it if I had been able to.

625) Had they waited, we would have met.

626) If a horse had six legs, it wouldn't stumble.

627) I would have danced with you if I hadn't had a


628) I'll visit you if I have enough time.

629) What would you buy if you had a million.

630) If you don't hurry we'll be late.

631) If you had bought it, now you wouldn't have money.

632) I would drink it if it wasn't so cold.

633) If I were you I wouldn't take that job.

634) Had you kept on looking for it, you would have found


635) If you had caught a cold, you couldn't come with us


636) If you go to the greengrocer's anyway, please bring me

half a kilo of cucumber.

637) I'd be happy if you didn't keep fooling around.

638) If he hadn't had delusions, he would have left the

country long ago.

639) If a rabbit were a bear, the hunter would be less


640) I would go if I didn't need to put on a tie.

641) If you should find it, give it back to him.

642) If you would listen to me, we would be over with it.

643) I would have been able to cut it if you had given me a

better knife.

644) I wouldn't be glad if you left right away.

645) If there hadn't been so many new words. I'd be the

cleverest now.

646) If I were the farm manager, Joe would be the secretary

of the party.

647) I would have counted it if I had been able to.

648) If you've come only to quarrel, you'd better have

stayed at home.

649) If you were always afraid of not getting enough

women, sooner or later you would be as confused as

the psychiatrist who treated you.

650) Should you feel lost, you could ask anybody for help.

651) If you would leave in silence, everything would be

more simple.

652) I would have done it if I had had it.

653) If he should wake up, tell him I'll be back in no time.

654) If you don't pull his tail, he won't kick you.

655) If I could read your writing, I would answer


656) If I could help keeping my eyes away from your lips,

you would never ask me to take you to the new heights

of ecstasy.

657) If capital punishment had not been cancelled, I could

certainly not be holding you in my arms.

658) If I were you, I wouldn't believe what he says.

659) Had you watched her putting her feet, you would be

able now to do this dance.

660) If you looked after the family, we could have our

holiday at last.

661) If she sat on my hat by accident, I would forgive her.

662) We can't go away unless we win the first prize.

663) Had I married you and not my husband, we couldn't

afford now to go together to Hawaii.

664) If you had telephoned in time, I wouldn't have had to

ask the twins to bring glowers.

665) If I had been able to catch a bigger fish, I would have

come home earlier.

666) If he wasn't so selfish, he would give a cottage cheese

Rudolph to me, too.

667) If you should find it, give me a ring.

668) I'd address the envelope if you would give me a pen.

669) Snaily snail, push out your horn, if you don't push it

out, I'll break your house.

670) If you don't put milk in the fridge, it goes sour.

671) Were it not for her eyes being so ravishing, he would

never have noticed her.

672) I'll stay at home unless I'm invited.

673) Unless the government agrees to give extra money, the

theatre will have to be closed.

674) If it hadn't been for your help, we'd never have

finished it.

675) Had you kept silent, you would have stayed wise.

676) He spoke loudly so (that) everybody could hear him.

677) You’d better take a taxi so as not to be late again.

678) He put on his glasses to be able to see better/so that he

could see better.

679) He put a newspaper on the chair so (that) the chimney

sweep wouldn’t stain it.

680) He opened the door so that the kids could go out to the


681) He put on gloves so as not to leave his fingerprints


682) I’m going to open the window so (that) the smoke will

go out.

683) I came to bury Caesar not to praise him.

684) He got up early (so as) to reach the summit before



685) He rushed into the burning house to rescue the child.

686) She pulled up her skirt so that she could run faster.

687) She started trembling to raise more sympathy.

688) He broke the mirror into pieces so that his wife

couldn't look at herself any more.

689) Jancsi turned away so that the girl couldn't see the

tears roll down his cheeks.

690) She pulled her skirt over her head so that her hairdo

wouldn't get ruined.

691) She lifted the rug so as to sweep the garbage under it.

692) I showed her what I had so that she shouldn't be

disappointed later on.

693) He swallowed the diamond so that the customs officer

couldn't find it.

694) I've bought her some flowers so that she can enjoy the


695) He divorced the eight one so as to marry the ninth one.

696) I took off my shoes so as not to make any noise.

697) I took off my shoes so that my wife couldn't hear me

go in.

698) Play the piano very soft so as not to disturb anybody.

699) I've given her the key so that she can go into the room.

700) He turned the radio off so the neighbor wouldn't wake


701) Give us your glass so we can also drink.

702) He left his gun outside so as not to shoot anyone.

703) "She drinks a „feles"" every morning so as to start the

day cheerfully."

704) A bell was hung in the neck of the cow so that the bull

would always know which way she was going.

705) Start early not to be late.

706) She kept changing her address so as to fool the police.

707) Give him a big slap so that he knows the limit.

708) He bought a cat so that the dog wouldn't be bored.

709) He set up a scarecrow so that the starlings wouldn't

steal the grapes.

710) We say 'AHA' so that Kanga knows that we know

where Baby Roo is.

711) He disguised himself as a nun so that he would be able

to run away from prison.

712) I cooked some noodles with poppy seeds for my poor

son, so that he would have something good to eat.

713) Put it out so that everybody can see it.

714) She planted some spinach so that we should have

something to eat.

715) He knocked her out so as to get drunk.

716) I was surprised what I saw.

717) He told me what he knew about the event.

718) I remember what you told me.

719) I remember the story which/that you told me.

720) I’ve brought the book that you asked for.

721) He’s a man who has no past.

722) This is the house where time has stopped existing.

723) I reminded him of what he had promised.

724) This is what you mustn't forget.

725) The girl whose face is so pretty is my wife.

726) The boy I saw …

727) The car you can see there …

728) The room you painted …

729) The book I’m talking about.

730) The bag I found the letter in.

731) The chair I want to sit on.

732) The girl I am talking to.

733) The moment he entered the room.

734) I met him the year I got married.

735) I’ll got to any place you want me to.

736) That is the reason he likes to come here.

737) Ronald Reagan, who used to be an actor, is an

embarrassment for the American people.

738) Budapest, which lots of tourists visit, is beautiful.

739) He ran around the island, which exhausted him.

740) He stole his boss’s pen, which was very embarrassing.

741) Thank you for the present you sent me.

742) The bed I sleep on is made of horse hair.

743) I’ve forgotten what you've told me.

744) Romeo, who loved Juliet, limbed up to the balcony.

745) The song I’m writing only for you…

746) The puddle he stepped in…

747) The girl whose brother is very strong…

748) I didn’t quite understand the joke he said.

749) I didn’t understand what he said.

750) He wants to read a book, which is quite unusual of


751) This is the hotel I lived in last year.

752) I like dancing with Mary, who moves like mercury.

753) The ship you can see over there belongs to my brotherin-


754) I'm afraid that's all I can give you.

755) The car I've paid an absolute fortune for doesn't even


756) Oh my God, I've forgotten what you've asked me for.

757) She missed the train, which really annoyed her.

758) Joe, whose parents live in the country, visited me


759) He always did what he felt like doing.

760) The lady you met yesterday is my aunt.

761) I was surprised at what I had to see.

762) The job he applies for is not vacant anymore.

763) Then we went into a pub which was completely


764) The waiter who took our order was as dirty as earth.

765) The bill we got late was full of illegible numbers.

766) The landlord, whom I have known for twenty years,

apologized to me.

767) The slap I got from the waiter was very painful.

768) The ambulance I was taken into hospital in was jolting

like a barrow.

769) The nurse whose hand was silky caressed my fore


770) The man who is standing under the tree was in prison


771) The accident we have seen has been very serious.

772) The cows who are grazing there are very thirsty.

773) The ball you've lost was absolutely new.

774) The teacher whose student won the competition likes


775) My father, who was born in the country, is a very

strong man.

776) My brother who attends this school smokes a lot.

777) My sister, who is a journalist, doesn't like TV news.

778) Budapest, which is the capital of Hungary, lies on the

banks of the Danube.

779) The house I live in is quite small.

780) Karcsi, whom we all love, used to be the secretary of

the Young Communists of the town.

781) The pen you're writing with is mine.

782) The house whose windows are green overlooks the



783) He says he's missed the train, which is not true.

784) Give him what he wants.

785) Give him everything he wants.

786) I was shocked by what she'd said.

787) Forget what you've seen.

788) I don't understand a word you say.

789) Don't you understand what I'm telling you?

790) Maybe this is the guy the police want.

791) She invited us all, which was very kind of her.

792) You are the most fantastic girl I've ever met.

793) But this is not the man who popped the question.

794) Do you remember now what you did to me yesterday?

795) The radio which is on the table has broken down.

796) The snow that was pushed off by a snow plough is

blackening by the road side.

797) The off shoots of the barren wastelands that parched

flocks of grasshoppers are grazing are toiling in the

hot sun.

798) The iron nosed witch, who was burnt by Johnny, used

to live in gingerbread house.

799) The dwarf whose bed Snow White lay in was smiling


800) The wolf, who put on Grandmother's robe, was

expecting Little Red Riding Hood excitedly.

801) Lenin, who was deeplyrespected by pioneers, was the

father of the Great October Socialist Revolution.

802) Aurora, which was floating on river Volga, was the

symbol of the revolution.

803) The shotgun the girl took off the wall was loaded.

804) The knife the boy ran into ten minutes times was a

chicken carving tool.

805) The couch the boy was lying on was in the living


806) She buys everything she sees.

807) I've told her everything I know.

808) All I need is love.

809) All I could eat was some meat soup, stuffed cabbage

and a fried chicken.

810) All I have on me is a fiver.

811) All I know about her is that she has a house at Sukoró.

812) All she had on was her hat.

813) All that you can see there belongs to my ex-husband.

814) All he's left here is a ragged dishcloth.

815) All that I could see was darkness.

816) All you have to do is wash it, cut it, and dry it.

817) She didn't know what she was doing.

818) You can be anything you want to be.

819) She said she'd done it, which was true.

820) I could swim very well when I was young.

821) It was so difficult that he couldn’t do it.

822) I could swim very well, and even in that storm I was

able to reach the shore.

823) May I come?

824) You may not go to the cinema.

825) You may borrow my car.

826) Can I go out and play?

827) You can’t go to Tótkomlós.

828) You can watch TV at my place.

829) Might I leave the door open?

830) You might not enter the room.

831) You might dance with that man.

832) He wasn’t allowed to light a cigarette in that room.

833) They weren’t allowed to build a swimming pool in the


834) I haven’t been allowed to give her a kiss since she has

had chicken pox.

835) You will never be allowed to cross the border.

836) He said he hadn’t been allowed to drive a car since he

had crashed his father’s.

837) Don’t do things like that.

838) Don’t cry for me Argentina.

839) Don’t make me kill myself.

840) You mustn’t disturb him at work.

841) You mustn’t walk on the grass.

842) You mustn’t think I’ll ever forget you.

843) The doctor says I am not to eat much bread.

844) You aren’t to enter the room without knocking.

845) She wasn’t to go with them.

846) You weren’t to leave the room without permission.

847) People may not pick flowers in this park.

848) Dogs may not be taken into these carriages.

849) He wasn’t allowed to meet his family last year.

850) I haven’t been allowed to meet my love for three


851) Stop! You can’ do that!

852) You can’t play football in my garden.

853) You can’t go to Barcelona.

854) You shouldn’t tell lies.

855) You oughtn’t to promise you’ll date me, when you

have no intention of doing so.

856) You shouldn’t have laughed at him.

857) You oughtn't to have crossed the road when the lights

were red.

858) You must be back in the office by nine.

859) You must try it again.

860) We must do it now.

861) She needn’t take part in the conference.

862) You needn’t put on your smartest dress for the party.

863) She doesn't need to work all night.

864) He has got to be there at eight.

865) She has to take her daughter to school every morning.

866) I have (got) to be at home at nine.

867) You must stay here for the night.

868) You have (got) to stay here for the night.

869) I had to buy a new suit.

870) They had to give it back.

871) She had to buy some cigarettes, because I didn’t have


872) They didn’t have to answer that stupid question.

873) She didn’t need to send for a painter, because her

husband could paint the flat.

874) I ought to help her.

875) You should keep your promise.

876) You ought to/should be more careful of what you say.

877) You should have taken a taxi.

878) I ought to have read these books, too.

879) They would have to be at school now.

880) He would have to take his car for an official test.

881) I would have had to be politer.

882) She would have had to be more understandable to me.

883) If I had gone to his place, I would have had to stay


884) You should have stayed there for at least half an hour.

885) They were to have wedded next Saturday, but they fell


886) He was to have left for America tomorrow, but his

passport was withdrawn.

887) You needn’t have been in such a hurry after all.


888) You needn’t have come here.

889) You oughtn’t to have stopped your work half way.

890) You shouldn’t have blamed him, it wasn’t his fault.

891) You are always to knock before you enter my room.

892) She was to arrive last week.

893) They were to rob the bank.

894) He must be ill.

895) He must be studying in his room now.

896) This must be love.

897) He can’t be that bad.

898) The news can’t be true.

899) You must have caught cold on the river.

900) She must have got divorced.

901) They must have left for Spain.

902) She can’t have said that.

903) She couldn’t have caused that accident.

904) You can’t have seen her at Pipacs night club; she is a

decent lady.

905) This will be the place where the old school stood.

906) That will be the postman, I expect.

907) You will have heard the news.

908) Take your raincoat, it may rain.

909) Don’t go away, they may come yet.

910) She may be talking now to her husband.

911) They might come by the night train.

912) We might win a lot at the races.

913) She might be standing at the corner now.

914) He may have been ill.

915) She may have arrived sooner.

916) She might have been hurt.

917) They might have reported their plan.

918) He may be eating.

919) He might be eating.

920) He must be eating.

921) It must be him.

922) It can’t be him.

923) I should get married.

924) You must marry her.

925) I bet I don’t need to marry her.

926) You mustn’t marry a girl like that.

927) He may eaten it.

928) He might have eaten it.

929) He must have eaten it.

930) He can’t have eaten it.

931) He couldn’t have eaten it.

932) It must have been him.

933) You should have got married.

934) He shouldn’t have got married.

935) He needn’t have got married.

936) He had to marry her.

937) He didn’t need to marry her.

938) He didn’t have to marry her.

939) likely

940) sure

941) probably

942) possible

943) He is likely to like dumplings.

944) He is likely to have liked dumplings.

945) He is sure to like dumplings.

946) He is sure to have liked dumplings.

947) He probably likes dumplings.

948) He probably liked dumplings.

949) It is possible he likes dumplings.

950) It is possible he liked dumplings.

951) He can write.

952) He could write.

953) He could have written.

954) He cannot write it.

955) He cannot have written it.

956) He couldn't have written it.

957) He may write.

958) He might write.

959) He was allowed to write.

960) He might have written.

961) He may write.

962) He may have written.

963) He may not write.

964) He may not have written.

965) He ought to write.

966) He ought not to write.

967) He would have to write.

968) He ought to have written.

969) He ought not to have written.

970) He should have written.

971) He shouldn’t have written.

972) He would have had to write.

973) He needn’t have written.

974) He would write.

975) He would have written.

976) He will write.

977) He will have written.

978) He must write.

979) He has to write.

980) He needn’t write.

981) He hasn’t got to write.

982) He doesn't have to write.

983) He mustn't write.

984) He didn’t have to write.

985) He had to write.

986) He didn’t need to write.

987) He must be writing.

988) He must have written.

989) He used to write.

990) He didn’t use to write.

991) He dares (to) write.

992) He dared (to) write.

993) He didn’t dare (to) write.

994) I must leave at six today.

995) You must be the new teacher.

996) You mustn't talk to anyone about it.

997) You must feel tired after your long walk.

998) They all must have gone home.

999) They can’t have known about it.

1000) Mary will have arrived already.

1001) You couldn’t have forgotten about my birthday!

1002) She may be cooking.

1003) She might be sleeping.

1004) He’s likely to arrive a bit later.

1005) He’s likely to have phoned.

1006) He’s unlikely to have phoned.

1007) I didn’t need to get up early this morning.

1008) You needn’t have brought me a present.

1009) You should give up smoking.

1010) Joe may/might have missed the train.

1011) They should have discussed the matter.

1012) You shouldn’t have spat it out of the window.

1013) Joe may have written that disgusting sentence on the



1014) Joe can't have written it, as he can't even write.

1015) That little bird must have fallen out of the nest.

1016) You needn't have sent a telegram; a letter would also

have done.

1017) You might as well have eaten all the melon; I don't

need any.

1018) You should have gone as far as the terminus and there

change for a bus.

1019) You shouldn't have twisted his nose off!

1020) She may have given me a ring but I wasn't at home.

1021) He may have got divorced again because he's been

coming more and more often for weeks.

1022) If you are good, you may eat a banana after dinner.

1023) You shouldn't have upset yourself, it's not worth it.

1024) I might have my horoscope made.

1025) Don't worry, he'll surely come tomorrow.

1026) You can't be so unfeeling!

1027) You might lose your hair if you're dieting so hard.

1028) You could have told me earlier that you had no


1029) He must have been feeding the fish when you rang.

1030) So many hearts can't have shed that much blood in


1031) Living in clover must have driven him crazy.

1032) I may have confused you with somebody else.

1033) He must have been transfixed seeing his sister in a

cop's arms.

1034) You should have sharpened the scythe.

1035) She must be peeling potatoes.

1036) You might go blind if you keep looking at my legs.

1037) It should be put in the fridge.

1038) You shouldn't have married that drunken sailor.

1039) May I eat a banana?

1040) He might as well have hit you on the head.

1041) It would surely have sprouted if you had watered it.

1042) Thank God, I didn't need to drink it all.

1043) You needn't have taken the bone out of its breast.

1044) He was to have written it by tomorrow, but in the

meantime he had defected.

1045) He must have put his mind on not leaving me alone.

1046) He couldn1t have drunk it all.

1047) You should have oiled the bike chain.

1048) The door may have been left open.

1049) He must be shaving, that's what gives that crackling


1050) You must be mistaken.

1051) You couldn't have seen him, since he's in Baltimore


1052) He's unlikely to come today.

1053) You shouldn't take it to your heart.

1054) That's what you must put on your heart.

1055) They may be at home.

1056) They may have gone to pick tomatoes.

1057) He can1t have noticed us.

1058) You needn't have come so early.

1059) We didn't need to buy vegetables, there was enough in

the garden.

1060) You couldn't have seen Mary on the boulevard at


1061) The thief is unlikely to have been caught.

1062) You must have heard the news.

1063) You shouldn't have torn off her blouse right after the

first dance.

1064) I may not be a genius.

1065) I'm likely to be here tonight.

1066) The button might get loose and skirt will fall.

1067) She must have left her purse in the cab.

1068) You should have told her long ago.

1069) You're hardly likely to change now.

1070) I might have been wrong.

1071) She must be sleeping.

1072) Shouldn't you turn to a psychiatrist?

1073) You needn't have run so fast because there was

nobody there.

1074) He can't have said anything like that.

1075) You shouldn't have…

1076) He can't be a cop since his cap is green.

1077) It couldn't have been a bee, that buzzes more loudly.

1078) It may have been a wasp.

1079) It might have been a mosquito.

1080) He must have taken out the other one.

1081) He should have taken out the lower six on the right.

1082) He must be single as his face is not worn out at all.

1083) I want to go home.

1084) Running is useful.

1085) I can see a smiling girl.

1086) The written letter is in my bag.

1087) I advise you to start earlier.

1088) I went to the swimming pool to swim a bit.

1089) Before asking the girl to dance Joe decided to take a

close look at her to make sure it was not a boy.

1090) To err is human.

1091) To be or not to be was a question of Hamlet’s.